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We are a UK scouting organisation established in 2021. We will apply to become an observer member of the UIGSE-FSE, which is an association of lay faithful recognised by the Holy See and a worldwide organisation with 67,000 members in a total of 24 countries. We will work closely with our neighbours, the Irish Guides and Scouts of Europe and the French Guides and Scouts of Europe.

Scout holding flag

Forming Men and Women of Virtue

The Scouting programme raises up responsible adults through faith, education, games, friendship, service and leadership. Individuals build character and prepare for the challenges of life.

Freedom Through Education

The Scout Law is the scout and the guide’s compass: on the day of their Promise, they pledge to follow it faithfully throughout their lives. The Law is one of the most important levers of the scouting method, which educates to freedom. With freedom comes the path to sainthood.

Scouting Branches

Scouting is divided into branches which cater to specific age groups, designed to aid development at their respective stage.

Yellow Branch

Wolf cubs and Wolvets
8 to 12 years of age

Green Branch

Guides and Scouts
12 to 17 years of age

Red Branch

Rovers and Wayfarers
17 to 20 years of age

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