Wolf Cubs:
Yellow Branch

Wolf cubs / Wolvets (8 – 12 years)

In line with the Educational Project, the goal of scouting is sainthood and this is applied through prayer, living a Christian life and the scouting method.

In the Yellow Branch the scouting method is based on the psychology of the child (need for playfulness) and an imagery that is conducive to living Christian principles.

Wolvets and Wolf Cubs

The Wolf Cub Branch is the younger branch of scouting.

Wolvets are organised in Clearings and Wolf Cubs are organised in Packs. Each does their best to later become a good Scout or Guide and good Rovers and Wayfarers.

The Wolf Cub method starts from a direct knowledge of the child, considers life with the child’s eyes, and – in the picturesque environment of the Jungle Book – offers him a coherent set of games and activities in which he can develop himself and improve within a “Happy Family”.

With the help of the chiefs the wolf cubs and wolvets progress within the pack to do their promise and further their skills to gain the 1st and 2nd stars. The wolf cubs and wolvets can master their skills in certain areas and earn their badges.

The Wolf Cub Promise: “I promise to do my best to be faithful to God, my parents, to my country, to the pack law and to help other people ever day.

The Happy Family: Living out the Christian Virtues

The Happy Family is gathered in a circle around Akela with the assistants spread out within the unit (in order to encourage the shyest Wolf cubs/Wolvets to speak up) where the pack/clearing takes together a concrete resolution to follow a virtue to be carried out during the day.

The Jungle

It is “a complete system in itself” (Vera Barclay), perfectly adapted to childhood.

The basis of a wolf cub or wolvet outing relies on the Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling,

The wolf cubs and wolvets in the jungle play a lot of games!

The children are guided by their chief Akela assisted by Mowgli’s friends Baloo, Bagheera, Hathi, Chill, Kaa.

Pack law, Motto, Master word

For the smooth functioning of the wolf pack and to keep the focus and attention of the wolf cubs during the outings, we use the Pack law, Maxims, motto and Master word.

Pack law: The wolf cub always listens to the elder wolf, The wolf cub does not listen to himself.

Motto: Do our best!

Master word: We are same blood you and I.